Chiktan Proposals

Proposal 01
Malin, Noinar, Peak, Jay, Von & Hirun

Proposal 02
Fame, Neen, Oj, Mike & Korn

Proposal 03
 Prae, Jaae, Yoi, Mim & Arnut

Proposal 04
 Amorn, Itthi, Pun, Moo, Dean & Ploy


Folie by Prae & Jaae

Akbar the great has been known for a great warrior in
the medieval world. But some other evidences indicate
that he is such a selfish guy who did everything for
enhancing his power. So this folly shows different sides
of him

Great Folie - night(mare) @ Sarchu

Folie Hirun and Peak


Folly Mike+Korn

Elephant duel has been a shared tradition for both India and Thailand. Shan Jahan himself love watching elephant duel from his loyal balcony. The setting at the main courtyard in the Hemis Temple would have make a prefect arena for watching elephant duel if Shan Jahan should have travel this far up north.


Jay + Mim Folly

Contrasty between British wedding dress and suit in India.

Jantra Mantra

Jantra Mantra which is derived from the words meaning 'instrument' and 'formula' is a giant piece of architecture whose sole purpose is to act as an instrument for measuring the sun, stars and time. However, with its abstract forms and weird sweeping architecture Jantra Mantra becomes an instrument of magic, rather than geometry, aimed at the stars.

Leh Water Crisis

Amornthep Thongsaeng 5134779425
Pajareeya Suriwong 5234767025

Recent studies have revealed that large Himalayan glaciers are retreating at a rate of more than 30 metres a year, resulting in a 21% reduction in glacier area since the 1980s. The main contributing factor is the increase of tourism and city development.

Folly : The Open Hand Monument by Fame & Don

There has been critiques on Le Corbusier's Chandigarh design and its propriety. Nek Chand, on the other hand, is praised as contemporary artist who brought about an appropriate venue, though unintentional it may seem, is performing more successfully than that of Le Corbusier. Open Hand Monument is renovated to revive Le Corbusier's initial idea of public space. In this manifesto, Nek Chand's surface treatment design is integrated in the area to justify the vague landscape.

Black Taj Mahal

Black Taj Mahal, a black marble mausoleum on the opposite site of Yamuna River bank.

Maxx Khan

Globalization, Capitalism, and Media invasion gradually change the lifestyle and perspective of all people, including people in Chiktan. This is the photo of Skeh Khan Dell, who recently changed his facebook name to Maxx Khan. One of his latest uploaded pictures in facebook is a picture of muscular man with his quoting "After him next is me...... coming up soon....."

Itthi Poldeenana 5134784525
Jutipun Boonsoong 5134706625


Folly- Eclipse at JantraMantra
by O.J. and Neen

A Sultan wishes to receive blessing from the Moon and the Sun in an eclipse night.
Unfortunately, He could not bare the brightness of direct sight
so he started to climb up the steps,
when he reached the top, he look down onto the surrounded water,
and pray to the reflection of the eclipse

Napas Kitirattragan (O.J.) 5134734125
Thannapa Temjaroen (Neen) 51347341



In New Delhi, we took the Raj Tour organized by the organisation DELHIBYCYCLE.

The tour begins in Pahar Ganj (intricate streets which hosted the Hippie movement of the 70s), through Connaught Place (designed by Robert Tor Russell and meant to become the business centre of New Delhi), Rashtrapati Bhawan (designed by Sir Edwin Luytens, it is the official house of the Indian president), the Rajpath (ceremonial boulevard between India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhawan), Agrasen ki Baoli (a wonderful 15th century stepwell)to end by a breakfast at a famous Bengali Sweet House.